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HedgingBare root hedging is typically available between November and March, with a limited selection available in pots (3L) throughout the rest of the year.

Bare Root Hedging

Cotoneaster Simonsii

Black Thorn (Sloe)
Carpinus Hornbeam
Green Beech
Rosa Canina
Rosa Rugosa

Euonymus (Spindle)

Cornus Alba Siberica (Red Stemmed Dogwod)
Cornus Stolonifera (Yellow Stemmed Dogwod)

Prunus Padus (Bird Cherry) 5 to 6 feet high

Sorbus Aria (White Beam) 5 to 6 feet high

The following varieties are usually in stock, however please contact us for current availability and prices to avoid disappointment. As a guide, these plants are generally around 60-90 cm tall.

Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam)
Corylus avellana (Hazel)
Crataegus monogyna (Quick Thorn)
Fagus sylvatica (Common Beech)
Ligustrum vulgare (Common Privet)
Rosa canina (Dog Rose)
Rosa rugosa (Ramanas Rose)

Fagus syl Purpurea (Purple Beech)