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Seed Potatoes

We have an extensive range of seed potatoes available at Kirkdale Nursery and Garden Centre. The following varieties are usually available in Spring.

Please contact us for current availability and prices.


Anya is a fingerling potato. It has a firm texture and knobbly appearance with a slight nutty flavour. Second Early


Cara is white-skinned with a creamy flesh, pink eyes and a soft, firm texture. Late Cropper


A new first early variety producing a tasty crop of attractive, smooth white tubers. First Early


The tuber skin is white with pretty blue eyes. Flesh is cream/pale yellow. Oval in shape. Scab resistance is moderate. Second Early.


With a creamy skin and light yellow flesh, they are relatively small potatoes. Charlotte potatoes have a fresh flavour which tastes great either hot or cold - Salad Potato. Second Early


These are recognisable by their lovely red skin and a light yellow flesh. Desiree are normally larger, longer and oval shape. Drought resistant. Main Crop.

Duke of York

These have a yellow flesh and loose skin. They are harvested early before maturity for a fresh flavour. First Early


Estima potatoes have a firm, light yellow flesh with earthy flavour that holds its shape when cooked. Second Early

Home Guard

Home Guard potatoes have white skin and a white flesh. Short, oval tubers with shallow eyes. First Early

International Kidney

These have a white, smooth skin with a light yellow flesh. This oval long tuber with shallow eyes tastes great hot or cold - Salad Potato. Second Early

Kerrs Pink

Rosy-skinned with a creamy white flesh which has a fluffy texture when cooked. Main Crop

King Edward

These have a creamy coloured skin with light red blushes. With a light cream coloured flesh, King Edward potatoes have a fluffy texture when cooked. Main Crop

Maris Peer

Maris Peer has a light fresh flavour. These potatoes have a light yellow skin and flesh. Second Early

Maris Piper

Maris Piper has a golden skin and creamy white flesh with a fluffy texture. Main Crop


Nicola has a creamy yellow skin and a yellow flesh with a firm texture. Second Early

Organic Sarpo Mira

This variety provides huge yields of tasty, floury tubers that have a long storage potential. Main Crop

Pentland Crown

Pentland Crown is a robust drought resistant, disease resistant variety and very productive - it even produces long stolons to fill adjacent gaps in the row. Main Crop


Bred from Cara, matures early September, up to three weeks sooner. The large slightly russetted oval tubers have a rosy pink eye. Main Crop

Pink Fir Apple

This variety produces long knobbly pink skinned tubers with butter yellow waxy flesh and a distinctive nutty flavour - Salad Potato. Main Crop

Red Duke of York

The Red Duke of York has a thick red russetted skin with a soft fluffy yellow flesh with a delicate flavour. First Early


This variety has a white skin and white flesh with a firm waxy texture. First Early


Rooster has a russet red skin and shallow eyes and are widely available. They have a fluffy yellow flesh and a deep earthy flavour. Main Crop


Sante is yellow skinned with a dry firm texture. Eelworm resistant. Main Crop

Sharpes Express

Sharpes Express tubers are long and oval shaped with white skins ad a pale lemon coloured flesh. First Early


This variety has a yellow skin and yellow flesh. Firm, slightly dry texture. Eelworm resistant and a good reputation for blight resistance. First Early

British Queen

This oval white skinned, floury fleshed tubers make excellent general purpose potatoes. Second Early


Records can be very dry and meally after boiling and retain their yellow coloured flesh. Main Crop

Shetland Black

These are shallow eyed tubers with dark blue to almost black skin and pale yellow floury flesh with a distinctive purple vascular ring. Second Early

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