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Soft Fruit

We stock a wide range of fruit bushes at Kirkdale Nursery. The following varieties are available during the time of year indicated, however to avoid disappointment please contact us for current availability and prices. We are more than happy to offer you expert and detailed advice about planting and caring for your fruit bushes.

Blackcurrants    Blueberries    Gooseberries    Raspberries    Redcurrants    Strawberries   

and others including Blackberries, Tayberries, Tummelberries and Whitecurrants.


Blackcurrant bushes are available in pots (typically 3 litre) throughout the year.

Blackcurrant “Baldwin” - Mid season variety with medium-sized, mild flavoured fruit. Of unknown origin and thought to be over 150 years old, "Baldwin" has been popular for many years.

Blackcurrant “Ben Alder” - Produces good heavy crops of sweet fruit. A popular variety, and frequently used commercially. Best picked in July. Late flowering. Introduced in 1989, it is a cross between the "Ben More" and "Ben Lomond" varieties. Good disease resistance.

Blackcurrant “Ben Lomond” - Mid season variety, produces a heavy crop. Introduced in 1975 and still very popular. It is particularly well suited to cold Scottish winters, though can be susceptible to mildew.

Blackcurrant “Ben Sarek” - Early/Mid season, heavy crop.

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Blueberry bushes are available in pots (typically 3 or 4 litre) throughout the year.

Blueberry "Bluecrop" - A popular and hardy variety considered by many to be the best blueberry. Produces high yields of light blue berries with a great taste. Vigorous bushes eventually reaching a height and spread of around 1 metre. Resistant to Spring frosts and drought. Self fertile, mid season variety with fruit ripening from late July onwards. Available in 4 litre pots. Requires a moist, acidic soil.

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The following gooseberry bushes are available in pots (typically 3 litre) throughout the year, while we also may have a smaller selection of bare root gooseberry canes available from November to March.

Gooseberry "Hinnonmaki Yellow" - Dessert variety that produces large and sweet yellow fruit. Spreading bush with mildew resistant. Mid-season variety.

Gooseberry "Hinnonmaki Red" - Mildew resistant, red sweet crop.

Gooseberry "Invicta" -  Dessert/cooking gooseberry that produces particularly heavy crops of large, fleshy pale green fruit with a good flavour. Perfect for cooki ng, preserving and freezing. Vigorous and prickly spreading bush with good mildew resistance. Best picked in late July.

Gooseberry "Careless" - Widely used, green culinary variety.

We will be more than happy to offer you expert and in-depth advice about planting and caring for your gooseberries. Gooseberries are particularly hardy when compared to other fruits, easy to grow and self fertile. They are tolerant of partial shade, but require a medium soil that is well drained and not too dry, fertile but not too fertile.

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The following raspberry canes (bare root) are available between November and March, although we frequently have some left in stock until early summer.

Raspberry "Glen Ample" - Recent release. Very high yielding variety that produces particularly large, deep red berries with a fantastic flavour. Spine free and good disease resistance. Very popular in commercial raspberry production and freezes well. Mid summer fruiting, during July and into early August.

Raspberry "Glen Clova" - Vigorous. High yielding variety that produces good sized fruit with a nice flavour; these berries keep and freeze well. Mid summer fruiting, for around six weeks from early July.

Raspberry "Glen Prosen" - Widely used commercially. A very popular variety that produces good quality and very firm fruit. Good disease and aphid resistance. Mid summer fruiting, for around 6 weeks from early July.

Raspberry "Malling Admiral" - A popular and reliable variety that produces good crops of large, firm berries with an excellent flavour. Spine free and good disease resistance. Fruits mid to late summer.

Raspberry "Malling Jewel" - A good old favourite, reliable cropper with excellent flavour.

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Redcurrant bushes are available in pots (typically 3 litre) throughout the year.

Redcurrant "Red Start" - New variety that produces very high and reliable yields of bright red fruit with a good flavour. Slow growing with very good frost and disease restance. Late season variety, cropping from mid August.

Redcurrant "Rovado" - Considered by many to be the best redcurrant variety, producing huge crops of great tasting fruit. Mid seaseon variety, cropping from mid July through August.

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The following strawberry varieties are typically available from March until September, depending on stock levels. They are supplied in small pots (1 litre or less), while we also sell bare root plants from early Spring.

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Strawberry Cambridge Vigour

Strawberry Elsanta

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Blackberries, Tayberries, Tummelberries and Whitecurrants

The following fruit bushes are usually available all year round except where noted. Please contact us for current availability and prices.

Blackberry "Helen" - A new variety that produces high yields of large firm fruits with a very good flavour. Spine free, compact and less vigorous than many other varieties. Early season, fruiting from mid July.

Loganberry "LY654" - A cross between the raspberry and the blackberry, this vigorous, self fertile plant produces dark red juicy fruit similar in appearance and taste to a raspberry but longer and with a sharper flavour. Vigorous and spine free. The fruit ripens from late July through August and into September. Tolerates a wide variety of soil.

Tayberry "Buckingham" - A cross between the american blackberry and the raspberry, this self fertile plant produces reliable high yields of large, purple/red fruit up to 5cm in length. Spine free unlike other Tayberries. Crops from early July through until mid August.

Tummelberry - A new hybrid similar to the Tayberry but more hardy, this self fertile and vigorous berry produces good yields of large, bright red fruit with an excellent taste. Mid summer fruiting, from mid July through until the end of August.

Whitecurrant “White Versailles” - Self fertile whitecurrant that produces reliable heavy crops of large yellow/white berries which are sweet and have a less acidic taste than redcurrants. Tolerant of a wide variety of soils. Crops mid to late Summer.

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